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Johnnys wa Ai
because Johnnys are love
Just for fun 
15th-Oct-2007 02:09 pm
Oh deer!
I was playing with this at work, you might have seen this thing before, they are always playing with it on talk shows and making jokes about what shows up.

I say give it a try and see what it says is going on in your mind.. How does this relate to JE? like this:

this is Matsumoto Jun

here is Akanishi Jin

here is Takizawa Hideaki ( he thinks about the food alot)

岡田 准一の脳内
Okada Junichi

Kamenashi Kazuya ( HHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ninomiya Kazunari ( money money money)

I added Ryo for all of you who love him! his mind is apparently full of evil and money with some love separating the two

and I added Tsubasa because I love him

I recommend you go to the site and play with your name and others!

here is translations for those who cant understand

悩 - troubles uneasiness

嘘 - lies

友 - freinds

愛 - love affection

秘 - secrets

逃 - freedom

恋 - love, passion

悪 - evil, wickedness

休 - rest

食 - food

遊 - playing

欲 - greed, wants

金 - money

H- hentai ( dirty thoughts)

働 − work

夢 - dreams

this means for Jun the outer ring of dark blue is trouble, on the inside the majority of his thoughts are about friends(lighter blue) with a small amount of lies(red) and love(pink)

Jin's outer ring of thoughts is freedom(cream) and secrets (white) while the rest is dark blue for trouble

Tackey is mostly thinking of food ( yellow) but he has a few thoughts about evil ( black), lies (red) love (purple) and about rest( white)

Okada has food(yellow) freinds(light blue) surrounding evil(black) and playing(beige)

Kame is a pretty even split of money(gold) trouble(dark blue),greed(purple) and dirty thoughts ( pink H)

Nino is split secrets( white) and money(gold)

Tsubasa has freedom surrounding a ring of work, surrounding a ring of rest with dreams in the center

The fun part about this thing is it makes the chart according to the name, not the person. It works best in Japanese because different kanji can be used for the same names. For those of you who can read kanji or have a way of looking them up I recommend you check out the link under the image for the fetishes and monthly calendar as well
15th-Oct-2007 07:42 am (UTC)
I have no clue what those characters stand for. xD
15th-Oct-2007 01:00 pm (UTC)
I didnt think about that when I posted it originally.. I was at work at the time as well and getting worried they would laugh at me for looking up JE boys. anyways I edited the post with descriptions!!!!! enjoy!
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