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Johnnys wa Ai
because Johnnys are love
Johnnys Merchandise/Accessories/Stationery - For Sale Now 
30th-Sep-2011 09:44 pm
Welcome to iYOUkoso

NEW Ikemen Desune Accessories - Selling
at tsanny.livejournal.com or iyoukoso.blogspot.com

All quote is in AUD and items are brand new. International buyers are welcome
If interested, please leave a message at the following Master Posts with
the requested information or contact us via email at

Pre-order Posts > tsanny.livejournal.com/7924.html
Master Posts 1 >
Master Posts 2 >  tsanny.livejournal.com/7259.html

1) Name
2) Email address
3) Country and zip code (if available)
4) Items that you want to buy/pre-order (incl quantity)
5) Payment method: Paypal, cash via mail or Western Union
6) Shipping method: Normal airmail or with tracking

We look forward to your visit at i~YOUkoso
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